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We report the first demonstration of a high average power tabletop soft x-ray laser. An average laser output power of ø1 mW s.2 3 1014 photonsysd was generated at 46.9 nm in Ne-like Ar using a very compact tabletop discharge. The spatially coherent average power emitted by this 26.5 eV laser is comparable to that generated at this photon energy in a similar(More)
G. Vaschenko,1 M. Giudici,2 J. J. Rocca,1 C. S. Menoni,1 J. R. Tredicce,2,3 and S. Balle3 1Center for Optoelectronic Computing Systems and Department of Electrical Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523 2Institut Non Lineaire de Nice, UMR 129 CNRS-UNSA, 06560 Valbonne, France 3Departament de Fı́sica Interdisciplinar, IMEDEA(More)
Y. Wang, M. A. Larotonda, B. M. Luther, D. Alessi, M. Berrill, V. N. Shlyaptsev, and J. J. Rocca NSF ERC for Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, USA Department of Applied Science, University of California Davis—Livermore, Livermore,(More)
We report measurements of the transient multimode dynamics of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers excited by short ~100–200 ps rise times, 1 ns duration! electrical pulses. Fast changes on the spatial distribution of the output power and strong mode competition are observed. Numerical simulations show that the observed dynamics are due to the partial(More)
We discuss the results of work directed toward the development of high energy (>;1 J), high average power, diode-pumped picosecond lasers. The design and operation of diode-pumped chirped-pulse-amplification Yb:YAG lasers that combine either room temperature or cryogenically-cooled regenerative amplifiers with cryo-cooled power amplifiers for superior(More)
We report the generation of high-current-density (20 A/cm2) pulsed electron beams from high-voltage (48-100 kV) glow discharges using cathodes 7.5 cm in diameter. The pulse duration was determined by the energy of the pulse generator and varied between 0.2 ¿s and several microseconds, depending on the discharge current. The largest electron beam current(More)
Spectra of Nickel-like Cadmium (CdXXI) ions in the 12.7–18.4 nm wavelength region obtained with a high current capillary discharge have been analyzed. Fifty-three 3d 4p–3d 4d and 3d 4d–3d 4f CdXXI lines were identified with the assistance of calculations performed using the Slater–Condon method with generalized least-squares fits of the energy parameters.(More)
Y. Liu, M. Seminario, F. G. Tomasel, C. Chang, J. J. Rocca, and D. T. Attwood, Applied Science and Technology Graduate Program, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523 Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University(More)
We report a systematic study of the polarization switching behavior during single mode emission in gain-guided VCSELs. An explanation for polarization switching in VCSELs has been offered based on the fact that self heating of the devices by the injected current changes the relative spectral alignment between the laser gain and the cavity resonances of(More)
We report the measurement of the optical constants of Si, GaP, InP, GaAs, GaAsP, and Ir at a wavelength of 46.9 nm (26.5 eV). The optical constants were obtained from the measurement of the variation of the reflectivity as a function of angle utilizing, as an illumination source, a discharge pumped 46.9nm table-top laser operated at a repetition rate of 1(More)