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BACKGROUND AND METHODS Patients with Parkinson's disease tend to have a reduced response to levodopa after 5 to 20 years of therapy, with "on-off" fluctuations consisting of dyskinesia alternating with immobility. In an effort to modify the motor disability of advanced Parkinson's disease, we implanted embryonic mesencephalic tissue containing dopamine(More)
MicroRNAome analyses have shown microRNA-630 (miR-630) to be involved in the regulation of apoptosis. However, its apoptotic role is still debated and its participation in DNA replication is unknown. Here, we demonstrate that miR-630 inhibits cell proliferation by targeting cell-cycle kinase 7 (CDC7) kinase, but maintains the apoptotic balance by targeting(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the expression of lncRNA-ATB in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) tissues and adjacent non-tumor tissues to determine whether lncRNA-ATB could be used as a potential prognostic biomarker for RCC. PATIENTS AND METHODS qRT-PCR was performed to determine the expression level of lncRNA-ATB in RCC tissues and corresponding non-tumor tissues. The(More)
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