J J Paturzo

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Equilibrium binding analysis demonstrated that (+)-[3H]3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-N-(1-propyl)piperidine [(+)-[3H]3-PPP] binds in guinea pig brain homogenates to high and low affinity sites with Kd values of 25 nM and 0.9 microM, respectively. Competition studies with dextromethorphan (DM) site ligands and other drugs against (+)-[3H]3-PPP demonstrated that their(More)
We studied the effects of several prototypic sigma site ligands on the binding of [3H]dextromethorphan ([3H]DM) to guinea pig brain. Haloperidol, 3-(-3-Hydroxyphenyl)-N-(1-propyl)piperidine [+)-3-PPP) and (+)-N-allyl-N-normetazocine [+)-NANM or (+)-SKF10,047), which are potent sigma site ligands, showed high affinity for [3H]DM binding sites. The rank order(More)
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