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The fuzzy set theory has been applied in many fields such as operation research, control theory and management sciences etc. The fuzzy numbers and fuzzy values are widely used in engineering applications because of their suitability for representing uncertain information. In standard fuzzy arithmetic operations we have some problem in subtraction and(More)
Operculina turpethum is an endangered medicinal plant of peninsular India, threatened by overexploiation. Cotyledonary nodes (1 cm long) excised from 15-20 days old seedlings germinated in vitro served as explants source. The seeds were germinated on Half Strength Murashige and Skoog (HMS) medium devoid of plant growth regulators. Cotyledonary nodes were(More)
The complete genome analysis, which is one of the essential steps to know their characteristics, is very important. The genome sequence information is essential to understand the function of extensive arrangements of genes. It is significant to combine all sequence information in a precise database to provide an efficient manner of sequence similarity(More)
The present study was carried out to isolate and identify microorganisms as a probiotic feed for chicken. The strains were isolated from gut region of the chick and was inoculated in to the MRS Medium and incubated at 37 C for 48 h under anaerobiosis. The identity of culture was based on the characteristics of o Lactobacilli as presented in the Bergey’s(More)
This paper reports on the dissipation of heat generated by a high power LED array using piezoelectric fans. Both numerical and experimental studies were carried out to evaluate the heat dissipation efficiency of high power LED package operating under multiple vibrating fans. Two vibrating fans were vertically oriented to the LED package and arranged(More)
The growth of network of computers has paved way for the ease of communication and the benefits of networks can be listed to a great extent. The growing need for network security and secure data transfer has to be focused in parallel. The most common tool for providing network security is cryptography. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm, which could(More)
-Data mining is the computer-assisted process of digging through and analyzing enormous sets of data and then extracting the useful information. In data mining, association rules are useful for analyzing and predicting customer behavior. It is intended to identify strong rules discovered in databases using different measures of interestingness. Genetic(More)
The two species of Withania i.e. Withania obtusifolia and Withania somnifera were usually misinterpreted because of their coexistence in mixed populations. The present investigation involves analyzed of interspecific relationship between these two species. A careful morphological, anatomic and phytochemical, identification of the two species has led to the(More)
Grid computing is a new computing model; it’s performing bulk operations among the connected network. Since it is possible to run multiple applications simultaneously may require multiple resources but often do not have the resources that time scheduling system is essential for allocating resources. Scheduling algorithms must be designed for Maximize(More)
Clustering is an extremely important task in a wide variety of application domains especially in management and social science research. In this paper, an iterative procedure of clustering method based on multivariate outlier detection was proposed by using the famous Mahalanobis distance. At first, Mahalanobis distance should be calculated for the entire(More)