J. J. Mane

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Multicarrier Sinusoidal Pulse-Width Modulation (SPWM) techniques have been used to control the multilevel Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) inverter topology. These techniques are the natural extension of the conventional two-level SPWM method. In this paper some more modulation signals are used along with some selected multicarrier signals. Different(More)
In the distributed generation system, DC-DC converters and inverters are used between different sources and the loads. These inverter operation influences the power quality, stability and reliability of a given electrical network. The improvement in the performance can be achieved by using `Multilevel Inverters' in place of conventional two level inverters.(More)
The research was aimed to minimize product defects and lyophilization-induced denaturation of lasota vaccine. Sugars alone produced coherent cake but failed to protect virus during lyophilization. Maillard cake browning due to denaturation was evident in N,Z amine products. Polymers, PF-127 and PVP K-90 were able to produce porous cake structure and thus(More)
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