J J Lussier

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The present study presents a profile of Franco-Albertan children between twoand sixand-ahalf-years of age (n = 200) regarding their social competence and problem behavior. It adds empirical evidence on the measurement invariance of the Social Competence and Behavior Evaluation Inventory (SCBE-30; LaFreniere & Dumas, 1995), in order to obtain a detailed(More)
Sellers of capital equipment are often required to participate in a competitive bidding process prior to the buyer's final brand choice. In the final choice phase, decision criteria such as price, product quality and service quality are certainly important to the buyer. However, the buyer-seller relationships also play a significant role by affecting the(More)
The development of assessment methods for estimating and predicting amount of functional impairment among stroke patients is important for planning rehabilitation. This study explored the contribution of speed of information processing and response latency in the assessment of 39 stroke patients. Functional impairment was assessed among these patients using(More)