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The Saccharomyces cerevisiae DASH complex is an essential microtubule-binding component of the kinetochore. We coexpressed all ten subunits of this assembly in Escherichia coli and purified a single complex, a approximately 210-kDa heterodecamer with an apparent stoichiometry of one copy of each subunit. The hydrodynamic properties of the recombinant(More)
The yeast DASH complex is a heterodecameric component of the kinetochore necessary for accurate chromosome segregation. DASH forms closed rings around microtubules with a large gap between the DASH ring and the microtubule cylinder. We characterized the microtubule-binding properties of limited proteolysis products and subcomplexes of DASH, thus identifying(More)
Modified proteins were detected in liver and bone marrow of mice following treatment with [(14)C]benzene. Stained sections were excised from one-dimensional and two-dimensional gels and converted to graphite to enable (14)C/(13)C ratios to be measured by accelerator mass spectrometry. Protein adducts of benzene or its metabolites were indicated by elevated(More)
sphere analysis of reflective liquid crystal device " , Jpn. optics approach for multidimensional liquid crystal cells, " Liq. evaluation of a liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulator, " Opt. Optimizing the nematic liquid crystal relaxation speed by magnetic field, " J. Methods to obtain high-contrast-ratio twisted nematic liquid crystal device at(More)
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