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Cold tolerance at the seedling stage of rice is an important phenotypic trait that causes normal plant growth and stable rice production in temperate regions as well as tropical high-lands in Asia and Africa. In order to find quantitative trait loci (QTLs)/genes associated with cold tolerance, we constructed a linkage map using 153 recombinant inbred lines(More)
Retinoic acids may inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation, but may promote endothelial cell proliferation in cell culture. However, little data are available about the effects of all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) on endothelial regeneration and functional recovery in an experimental model of vascular injury. Accordingly, we investigated whether ATRA(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Sixty-four-section CT scanners have recently been introduced for vascular imaging. Before such scanners reach widespread use, scanning protocol should be optimized and image quality assessed. The goals of this study were to systematically measure image quality and determine the prevalence of various types of artifacts produced by a(More)
This study is aimed at investigating the etiology and clinical characteristics of mesenteric adenitis in Korean adults, prospectively. Clinical manifestations of fifteen patients who presented with the acute onset of right lower quadrant pain and sonographically enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes and normal appendix were evaluated. For etiologic diagnosis,(More)
A whole genome association (WGA) study was performed to detect significant polymorphisms for meat quality traits in an F2 cross population (N = 478) that were generated with Korean native pig sires and Landrace dams in National Livestock Research Institute, Songwhan, Korea. The animals were genotyped using Illumina porcine 60k SNP beadchips, in which a set(More)
To evaluate whether the flow-mediated vasodilation and coronary flow reserve are impaired or not in patients with vasospastic angina (VA), we measured the changes of epicardial coronary artery diameter and flow reserve in spasm related-left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD). The flow mediated-response of epicardial coronary arteries in 15 VA were(More)
Spontaneous emission spectra of type-II InGaN/GaNAs QW light-emitting diodes are investigated using the multiband effective mass theory. These results are compared with those of conventional InGaN/GaN QW structures. In the case of a low carrier density, a type-II InGaN/InGaN/GaN QW structure shows much larger matrix element than a conventional InGaN/GaN QW(More)
Effective population size (Ne) is an important measure to understand population structure and genetic variability in animal species. The objective of this study was to estimate Ne in Sapsaree dogs using the information of rate of inbreeding and genomic data that were obtained from pedigree and the Illumina CanineSNP20 (20K) and CanineHD (170K) beadchips,(More)
A retrospective analysis of clinical data of 71 patients with constrictive pericarditis (CP) diagnosed by echo-Doppler technique (mean age, 49+/-17) was done. In 27 patients (38%), the etiology was unknown, and the three most frequent identifiable causes were tuberculosis (23/71, 32%), cardiac surgery (8/71, 11%), and mediastinal irradiation (6/71, 9%).(More)
We recently experienced a 43-year-old man with a large, multiloculated, cystic tumor that appeared on the pelvis. The tumor was composed of glands and cysts lined by prostatic-type epithelium and attached microscopically to the prostate by a pedicle. The prostatic nature of the lesions was confirmed by immunohistochemical staining of epithelium for prostate(More)