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An efficient system for genetic modification and large-scale cloning of cattle is of importance for agriculture, biotechnology, and human medicine. Here, actively dividing fetal fibroblasts were genetically modified with a marker gene, a clonal line was selected, and the cells were fused to enucleated mature oocytes. Out of 28 embryos transferred to 11(More)
Parkinson's disease symptoms can be improved by transplanting fetal dopamine cells into the putamen of parkinsonian patients. Because the supply of human donor tissue is limited and variable, an alternative and genetically modifiable non-human source of tissue would be valuable. We have generated cloned transgenic bovine embryos, 42% of which developed(More)
Ilusiones: la Cohesión Social de Los Latinoamericanos (Uqbar Editores, 2008). He served as a consultant to the Labor Ministry of Chile during 2000–01. He holds a PhD from Columbia University. Dame and director of the Institute for Educational Initiatives. As well, he is a trustee and fellow of the University, a Kellogg Institute fellow, and a fellow of the(More)
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