J. J. J. Vesseur

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This paper describes DynamicPVM, an extension to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) 1]. PVM enables users to write parallel applications using message passing primitives and statically places the parallel tasks on a collection of nodes. System schedulers schedule atomic jobs over a predeened number of nodes. DynamicPVM addresses the problem of scheduling(More)
In academic and industrial institutions, a shift of emphasis in High Performance Computing from parallel monolithes to clusters of high performance workstations is taking place. These loosely coupled parallel systems require new programming paradigms and environments that provide the user with tools to explore the full potential of the available distributed(More)
Portable parallel programming environments, such as PVM, MPI, and Express, offer a message passing interface that significantly differs in functionality provided by native parallel operating systems such as PARIX. The implementation of such a portable programming environment on top of the native operating system requires a considerable effort. To ease the(More)
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