J. J. Huntzicker

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Wakeham, S. G.; Davis, A. C.; Karas, J. I,. Environ. Sci. Technol. 1983, 17, 611-617. Wakeham, S. G.; Canuel, E. A,; Doering, P. H.; Hobbie, J. E.; Helfrich, J. V. K.; Lough, G. G. Biogeochemistry 1985, I, 307-328. Pilson, M. E. Q.; Vargo, G. A.; Gearing, P.; Gearing, J. N. In “Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference, Interagency Energy, Environment R &(More)
Filter samples of particulate emissions from two diesel automobiles were analyzed by solvent extraction with a hot toluene/l-propanol mixture, by thermal-optical carbon analysis, and by X-ray fluorescence analysis. On the average, carbon accounted for 83% of the particulate matter, and organic carbon comprised 70% of the extractable mass. The ratio of(More)
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