J-J Hu

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Hypertension is a significant risk factor for diverse cerebrovascular diseases ranging from stroke to arteriovenous malformations and saccular aneurysms. Our increasing understanding of vascular mechanobiology reveals that changes in mechanical stimuli, such as increased blood pressure, alter basic cellular functions including the production and degradation(More)
Cancer cells have distinct metabolomic profile. Metabolic enzymes regulate key oncogenic signaling pathways and have an essential role on tumor progression. Here, serum metabolomic analysis was performed in 45 patients with T-cell lymphoma (TCL) and 50 healthy volunteers. The results showed that dysregulation of choline metabolism occurred in TCL and was(More)
It is convergent with modern platy-puses. Thus, the mammalian conquest of water is pushed back 100 Ma within the uniformitarian timescale! 7 If that is not all, a Mesozoic gliding mammal about the size of a squirrel was just found in Inner Mongolia, China. 8 The dating is controversial but ranges from Mid Jurassic to Early Cre-taceous. Gliding is a very(More)
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