J. J. Hallett

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Serologic studies of children with Tourette syndrome (TS) have detected anti-neuronal antibodies but their role in TS has not been explored. Stereotypies and episodic utterances, analogous to involuntary movements seen in TS, were induced in rats by intrastriatal microinfusion of TS sera or gamma immunoglobulins (IgG) under noninflammatory conditions, as(More)
Overloaded functions and methods with multiple dispatch are useful for extending the functionality of existing classes in an object-oriented language. However, such functions introduce the possibility of ambiguous calls that cannot be resolved at run time, and modular static checking that such ambiguity does not exist has proved elusive in the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND Similar to the model for Sydenham's chorea, antineuronal antibodies, which develop in response to a preceding streptococcal infection, have been speculated to have a role in the development of Tourette syndrome (TS). METHODS Serum antibodies against human caudate, putamen, and globus pallidus (interna and externa) were assayed by enzyme-linked(More)
An autoimmune-mediated mechanism has been proposed for several pediatric movement disorders. In a three-center (Brown, Yale, and Johns Hopkins) collaborative effort, serum antineuronal antibodies (ANAb) were measured by use of ELISA or immunohistochemical techniques on 35 children (mean age 11.4 years) with Tourette syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity(More)
Inferring types for polymorphic recursive function de nitions (abbreviated to polymorphic recursion) is a recurring topic on the mailing lists of popular typed programming languages. This is despite the fact that type inference for polymorphic recursion using 8-types has been proved undecidable. This report presents several programming examples involving(More)
A weak reference is a reference to an object that is not followed by the pointer tracer when garbage collection is called. That is, a weak reference cannot prevent the object it references from being garbage collected. Weak references remain a troublesome programming feature largely because there is not an accepted, precise semantics that describes their(More)
Coercion can greatly improve the readability of programs, especially in arithmetic expressions. However, coercion interacts with other features of programming languages, particularly subtyping and overloaded functions and operators, in ways that can produce surprising behavior. We study examples of such surprising behavior in existing languages. This study(More)
Anti-SFV antibodies generated during SFV infection may affect CNS function due to cross-reactivity with a peptide of oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein. To explore this possibility, total IgG from SFV immunized or normal control rabbits was unilaterally microinfused into the subthalamic region of normal rat brain. Behavior of the IgG-infused rats was(More)