J. J. H. Fortuin

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Normal fibroblasts and amniotic fluid cells, and cells from patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis type I and II, were cultured in the presence of 35SO4. After harvesting by trypsinization, the radioactivity was recovered from the intracellular and pericellular pool of glycosaminoglycans. The amount of incorporated radioactivity in these respective pools was 1(More)
Heterokaryons were made by fusion of α-l-iduronidase-deficient fibroblasts from patients with the Hurler, Scheie, or Hurler/Scheie compound syndrome. The fused cell populations remained α-l-iduronidase deficient and accumulated 35S-labeled glycosaminoglycans (35S-GAG) to the same extent as the parental cell strains. Also, when 35S-GAG accumulation was(More)
A method is described for localizing acid mucopolysaccharides autoradiographically in cultured cells. Normal fibroblasts and fibroblasts, from patients suffering from Mucopolysaccharidosis II disease (MPS II), were cultured for six days in the presence of35SO4 and one day in unlabelled medium. The cultured cells were transferred to a plastic film dish and,(More)
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