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Contamination of habitats with heavy metals has become a worldwide problem. We describe herein the analysis of lake sediment contaminated with high concentrations of copper as a consequence of mine milling disposal over a 100-year period. Copper concentrations in the sediment were found to vary with depth and ranged from 200 to 5500 ppm. Analysis of the(More)
Selectivity was optimized for the determination of drugs in urine by direct injection micellar chromatography through changes in specific mobile phase parameters. The rôle of mobile phase pH and the type of surfactant used for mobile phase preparation was investigated. The retention of the urine matrix was found to be minimal between pH 5.5 and 7.5. The(More)
The liquid chromatographic analysis of drugs in urine through direct injection without any sample pretreatment was extended to micellar chromatography with nonionic surfactants, the Pinkerton ISRP column and the shielded hydrophobic phase (Hisep) column. The feasibility of using each was demonstrated through the determination of the diuretic,(More)
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