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Although economic evaluation in health care has a long-standing tradition in the United Kingdom, very little is known about its impact on decision making, particularly following the introduction of the internal market. Since managed competition appears to be growing in popularity worldwide, the U.K. is an interesting case study, as the reforms are well(More)
BACKGROUND Report based on a service-mapping study and a systematic review concerning sexual health services for young people, either based in or closely linked to schools. OBJECTIVES To identify current forms of school-based sexual health services (SBSHS) and school-linked sexual health services (SLSHS) in the UK, review and synthesise existing evidence(More)
BACKGROUND The potential for sexual health services to influence the sexual health and behaviour of school-aged young people is only likely to be realised if these services are accessed. This review and synthesis seeks to explore children and adolescents' views and experiences of school-based and school-linked sexual health services to identify barriers to(More)
Emergency department overcrowding may not be so much a result of inappropriate use of the emergency department as it is a problem of the unavailability and inaccessibility of primary care services in the community. The prevailing theory that people use the emergency department because they cannot afford care elsewhere does not hold true. The vast majority(More)
When a child paints, when a child draws and when a child pastes they participate in Piagetian concrete activity. The activities are concrete because they are the combination of mental processing and physical activities. On the computer the situation is similar. The extent to which painting, drawing and pasting are concrete activities is reflected in the way(More)
All health authorities in Great Britain have both medically or pharmaceutical qualified staff to advise both the authority and the local primary care medical practitioners about drug use and prescribing. This study used a piloted postal questionnaire to assess the attitudes of these advisers to economic evaluations of drug therapy, and their perceptions of(More)
A joint hospital, health authority and PCG initiative to improve prescribing has produced significant savings in the PCG involved. The venture included the appointment of a medicines management pharmacist to work with practices, and a survey to ascertain GPs' prescribing needs. GPs considered the most important issues to be developing local disease(More)
From a survey of 200 patients in two general practices it would appear that the patients' reaction to the use of a two-way mirror is on the whole not unfavourable. The results suggest, however, that in the very personal setting expected of general practice people suffering from psychiatric problems (especially depression) should be given every opportunity(More)
Specifications, that is to say formal specifications in a computing context, should be correct, concise and complete and intelligible to their intended audience. We consider the changes in our own thinking about notation and styles of writing specifications and our success (or lack of it) over the years in teaching the ideas behind specifications. In(More)