J. J. Cooke

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When a child paints, when a child draws and when a child pastes they participate in Piagetian concrete activity. The activities are concrete because they are the combination of mental processing and physical activities. On the computer the situation is similar. The extent to which painting, drawing and pasting are concrete activities is reflected in the way(More)
Specifications, that is to say formal specifications in a computing context, should be correct, concise and complete and intelligible to their intended audience. We consider the changes in our own thinking about notation and styles of writing specifications and our success (or lack of it) over the years in teaching the ideas behind specifications. In(More)
The cost of healthcare is increasing inexorably in all countries in the world. Many governments have focused their activities on promoting the effective and economic use of resources allocated to healthcare. Medicines form a small but significant proportion of total healthcare costs and one that has been increasing consistently as new medicines appear into(More)
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