J. J. Chang

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— The combination of resonant tunneling diodes (RTD's) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) silicon circuitry can offer substantial improvement in speed, power dissipation, and circuit complexity over CMOS-only circuits. We demonstrate the first integrated resonant tunneling CMOS circuit, a clocked 1-bit comparator with a device count of six,(More)
—The integration and packaging of optoelectronic devices with electronic circuits and systems has growing application in many fields, ranging from long to micro haul links. An exploration of the opportunities, integration technologies, and some recent results using thin-film device heterogeneous integration with Si CMOS VLSI and GaAs MESFET circuit(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect of bilateral reaching, with/without inertial loading on the unaffected arm, on hemiparetic arm motor control in stroke. METHODS Twenty unilateral stroke patients were recruited. A three-dimensional optical motion capture system was used to measure the movement trajectory of the hemiparetic arm while performing three(More)
Multiplication is central in the implementation of Fermat number transforms (FNT) and other residue number algorithms. There is need for a good multiplication algorithm which can be realized easily on a VLSI chip. In this paper, the Leibowitz multiplier [1] is modified to realize multiplication in the ring of integers modulo a Fermat number. The advantage(More)
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