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BACKGROUND Owing to the limited efficacy of therapy on melanoma at the stage of distant metastases, a well-tolerated adjuvant therapy is needed for patients with high-risk primary melanoma. Our hypothesis was that an adjuvant treatment with low doses of interferon alpha could be effective in patients with localised melanoma. METHODS After resection of a(More)
Cerebral cavernomas (CCMs) are vascular malformations that may be inherited as an autosomal dominant condition for which a gene, CCM1, was mapped to chromosome 7. Poorly defined cutaneous malformations were sometimes described in association with CCMs. During a national survey, 57 French CCM families were studied. Co-occurrence of CCMs and a distinctive(More)
The management of patients presenting with metastatic malignant melanoma (MM) is hampered by the substantial variability in survival of these patients and the lack of prognostic markers. In the search for a reliable predictive parameter, we have investigated the expression of the nm23 gene, considered to be a major regulator of the metastatic process. We(More)
We describe a previously unreported complication after anterior surgery of the cervical spine for melanoma. Ten days after the surgical procedure, a 51-year-old man presented a huge cystic cervical metastasis along the surgical route. The pathophysiology and the surgical risk of the procedure are discussed.
Torpid facial ulcerations may occur as a result of lesions involving the trigeminal fibers. These neurotrophic ulcerations have usually been observed after alcohol injection in the trigeminal ganglion. We report two cases associated with brainstem infarction. In both patients, the blink reflex was studied. The masseter inhibitory reflex was studied in one(More)
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