J. Izydorczyk

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Heat is dissipated in consequence of computations and must be removed to the ambient. Landaulet's ultimate limit is very low compared to energy spent by contemporary microprocessors to process one bit of data. Moreover the ultimate limit cannot be reached without sophisticated data coding whereas microprocessors process uncoded bits. In the article data(More)
The semiconductor industry is very reluctant to revolutionary changes in proven technologies they use. That is why we can expect a long life of CMOS technology. The author tries to answer a question: "Howlong contemporary technology can be improved and scaled down to smaller dimensions?" Considerations are based on Information Theory. Instead of number of(More)
In the article an example of LC coupled resonator filter is considered. Sensitivity analysis is used to estimate distortion of amplitude response caused by finite value of Q factor of LC resonators the circuit consists of. As a result a generalized version of formulas for distortion of amplitude response, is formulated. Next improved version of(More)
The paper presents an algorithm for optimal vector quantization of an FIR filter's coefficients using SPT format. The measure of quality of quantization is the Euclidean distance between of the set of coefficients and its approximations. Because of the Parseval theorem minimization of the Euclidean distance between two sets of coefficients of the FIR filter(More)
  • J. Izydorczyk
  • 2005
The text concisely shows the algorithm for computation of parameters of soft ferrite to simulate it with the model implemented in the mixed-signal simulator from Cadence. The model of nonlinear magnetic material implemented in the simulator is based on Jiles and Atherton model of hysteresis and can be easy implemented outside the simulator. The presented(More)
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