J. Iwan D. Alexander

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Test results from a full-length prototype of the drift chamber vertex detector for the Mark II SLC Upgrade detector are presented. The 22 cell jet chamber employs planes of grid wires above and below the sense wire plane to increase the electrostatic stability of the sense wires and to narrow the electron arrival time distribution. Two different grid(More)
A comprehensive model has been developed to illustrate the interactions between the observer and the surrounding environment in the control of oculomotor responses to distance or 3-D space. Accommodation and vergence respond to both spatiotopic (body reference) proximal percepts and retinotopic (eye referenced) physical stimuli of blur and disparity. Both(More)
We have used detailed Monte Carlo simulations to-study search strategies for Higgs bosom at high energy e+e-colliders. We extend an earlier study of the minimal single-Higgs-doublet model at a center-of-mass energy of 1 TeV to examine the effects of b-quark tagging and jet counting. It is found that these techniques can increase the signal-to-noise ratio(More)
Received ; accepted – 2 – ABSTRACT We use unpublished and published VLBI results to investigate the geometry and the statistical properties of the velocity field traced by H 2 O masers in five galactic regions of star formation — Sgr B2(M), W49N, W51(MAIN), W51N, and W3(OH). In all sources the angular distribution of the H 2 O hot spots demonstrates(More)
Liquid bridges have been the focus of numerous theoretical and experimental investigations since the early work by Plateau more than a century ago. More recently, motivated by interest in their physical behavior and their occurrence in a variety of technological situations, there has been a resurgence of interest in the static and dynamic behavior of liquid(More)
We consider the problem of developing robust algorithms which cope with noisy data. In the Probably Approximately Correct model of machine learning, we develop a general technique which allows nearly all PAC learning algorithms to be converted into highly eecient PAC learning algorithms which tolerate noise. In the eld of combinatorial algorithms, we(More)
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