J. Israel Martínez-López

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The combination of microarray technologies with microfluidic sample delivery and real-time detection methods has the capability to simultaneously monitor 10-1000 s of biomolecular interactions in a single experiment. Despite the benefits that microfluidic systems provide, they typically operate in the laminar flow regime under mass transfer limitations,(More)
Despite the copious amount of research on the design and operation of micromixers, there are few works regarding manufacture technology aimed at implementation beyond academic environments. This work evaluates the viability of xurography as a rapid fabrication tool for the development of ultra-low cost microfluidic technology for extreme Point-of-Care (POC)(More)
We assessed xurography and laser ablation for the manufacture of passive micromixers arrays to explore the scalability of unconventional manufacture technologies that could be implemented under the restrictions of the Point of Care for developing countries. In this work, we present a novel split-and-recombine (SAR) array design adapted for interfacing(More)
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