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The Fosdick migmatite–granite complex in West Antarctica records evidence for two high-temperature metamorphic events, the first during the Devonian–Carboniferous and the second during the Cretaceous. The conditions of each high-temperature metamorphic event, both of which involved melting and multiple melt-loss events, are investigated using phase(More)
In this paper we present a general framework in which to rigorously study the effect of spatiotemporal noise on traveling waves and stationary patterns. In particular, the framework can incorporate versions of the stochastic neural field equation that may exhibit traveling fronts, pulses, or stationary patterns. To do this, we first formulate a local SDE(More)
BACKGROUND Hepcidin is a key regulator of iron homeostasis, but to date no studies have examined the effect of hepcidin on iron absorption in humans. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to assess relations between both serum hepcidin and serum prohepcidin with nonheme-iron absorption in the presence and absence of food with the use of dual stable-iron-isotope(More)
We here consider a stochastic version of the classical neural field equation that is currently actively studied in the mathematical neuroscience community. Our goal is to present a well-known rigorous probabilistic framework in which to study these equations in a way that is accessible to practitioners currently working in the area, and thus to bridge some(More)
In this article we study the convergence of a stochastic particle system that interacts through threshold hitting times towards a novel equation of McKeanVlasov type. The particle system is motivated by an original model for the behavior of a network of neurons, in which a classical noisy integrate-and-fire model is coupled with a cable equation to describe(More)
For several years I have been teaching a file updating algorithm which is essentially the same as that in Dwyer's admirable paper [1]. There is one unjustified objection to the algorithm that perceptive students and people with batch processing experience almost invariably raise and which is not addressed by Dwyer. The objection is based on a situation(More)
we may require you to get another member to cosponsor your item. Send everything to Jim Haynes, Applied Sciences, UC Santa Cruz, CA 94064. Algol 60 was not very successful when measured by its frequency of use in technical and commercial applications. There are,many reasons for this, one.being that it appeared on the scene when the relevance of structure(More)
Six procedures for compatibility testing were compared, using red blood cells sensitized in normal saline, albumin or low-ionic strength saline (LISS) combined with either broad spectrum or anti-IgG antiglobulin testing (AGT). Despite shortened incubation times, tests employing LISS were as sensitive as those with albumin and broad spectrum AGT and more(More)
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