J. Ichimura

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Due to liberalization processes initiated on Japan's power market since 2000, a significant higher congestion on the power grid is expected entailing a higher vulnerability to shortages. With increasing aspirations on power supply security, an interaction with the demand side has become inevitable to reduce the congestion without the need for new generation(More)
KNIVES is proposed as Internet based demand and supply control system and controls power by using distributed and cooperative power control algorithm. However, if KNIVES aims to maintain indoor environmental amenity, installed locations and the numbers of environmental sensors are critical issues. Wireless sensor network is useful to measure environmental(More)
KNIVES (Keio University Network oriented Intelligent and Versatile Energy saving System) is an IT based system, designed for Japanese power grids, that supports efficient control and balanced power supply. As KNIVES focuses on the integration of a vast numbers of end-users, it provides the necessary scalability, reliability, and dynamic adaptability. The(More)
KNIVES is a system for providing balanced power supply and effective demand control. This system controls the power of electric devices over the Internet, due to reduce total power consumption. For the control, KNIVES also considers indoor environmental affinity by using environmental sensors. In this paper, CO<sub>2</sub> sensor is implemented on KNIVES(More)
This paper describes with the design of a communication network necessary for demand response systems adapted to the requirements of the Japanese power grid. Based on KNIVES controllers and network devices an exemplary redundant hierarchical tree structure is proposed to meet high demands on reliability, scalability and dynamic adaptability in order to be(More)
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