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This paper focuses on space efficient representations of rooted trees that permit basic navigation in constant time. While most of the previous work has focused on binary trees, we turn our attention to trees of higher degree. We consider both cardinal trees (or k-ary tries), where each node has k slots, labelled {1,. .. , k}, each of which may have a(More)
We consider a generalization of the problem of supporting rank and select queries on binary strings. Given a string of length <i>n</i> from an alphabet of size &sigma;, we give the first representation that supports <i>rank</i> and <i>access</i> operations in <i>O</i>(lg lg &sigma;) time, and <i>select</i> in <i>O</i>(1) time while using the optimal(More)
We consider the implementation of abstract data types for the static objects: binary tree, rooted ordered tree and balanced parenthesis expression. Our representations use an amount of space within a lower order term of the information theoretic minimum and support, in constant time, a richer set of navigational operations than has previously been(More)