J I Michman

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Survival of natural dentition was studied in a multicultural group of 826 elderly people living in sheltered conditions in three old-age homes. It was found that the ratio of dentate subjects decreased progressively with age. The proportion of dentate men was significantly higher than that of women. The ratio of dentate subjects among the immigrants from(More)
The influence of denture changes, occurring during a period of use ranging from one to 15 years, was studied in a group of 35 complete denture subjects. Clinical and electromyographic data were collected. N0 correlation was found between denture serviceability on the one hand and masticatory performance and muscular coordination during chewing of test food(More)
The complications and limitations in rehabilitating an adult woman with class II, division 1 malocclusion and posterior occlusal collapse is described with special consideration given to the aspects of time, the patient's personality and socio-economic situation. Fixed restorations were chosen for optimum function, comfort and to enhance the patient's(More)