J. I. Kim

S. K. Rho1
W. O. Kim1
1S. K. Rho
1W. O. Kim
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The incidence and predisposing factors of urinary calculi are generally the same in both pregnant and non pregnant women, but anatomic changes during pregnancy make diagnosis and treatment a more challenging issue. We reviewed 16 patients (22 stones) of urinary stone during pregnancy between 1986 and 1996 at Kyung Hee Medical Center. The most common symptom(More)
The objective of this meta-analysis was to evaluate prospective trials of general or locoregional anesthesia on reproductive outcomes (cleavage and pregnancy rate) for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Of 115 published studies retrieved from a search of articles indexed on MEDLINE from 1966 to February 1999, four studies with distinct general and locoregional(More)
The effects of estriol on oxygen uptake, glucose release, lactate and pyruvate production, beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate production in perfused rat liver as well as, carbon uptake in rat liver and intracellular calcium in isolated Kupffer cells were investigated. Basal oxygen consumption of perfused liver increased significantly in estriol or(More)
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