J. I. Burov

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A metal object is computer visualized by registration of the amplitudes of the transmitted through the object short acoustic pulses. The pulses are separated by time, because of the presence of holes and internal compact components in the longitudinal section (structure along the propagation direction of acoustic wave). The acoustic field transmitted(More)
The shear wave properties of stretched and polarized PVDF thin films have been studied under application of a high frequency electric field parallel to the film surface. It has been found that the piezoelectric constants d/sub 15/ and d/sub 24/ do not act effectively under conditions of thickness resonance, in contrast with their large static values. This(More)
A multibeam Fabry-Perot interferometer is used for measuring very small periodic displacements (SPD). The steepness of such an interferometer as well as the high gain of the photomultiplier and the powerful laser allow one to measure SPD of the order of 10(-19) m at room temperature. Analysis of all the noise factors restricting the sensitivity (heat(More)
An acoustic Fabry-Perot interferometer is used for measuring high-frequency acoustic losses in isotropic and anisotropic materials with high Q-factor. Interferometer samples of the investigated materials were fabricated in the form of cubes. The reduction in interferometer contrast caused by acoustic losses is used for determining the attenuation(More)
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