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The threshold for the dark interval between two flashes was used to examine differences in stimulus persistence in 72 subjects aged 20 to 79 years. The data were then combined with results from two previous studies involving children and adolescents; thus, a cross sectional, adult, life-span view of differences in the dark-interval threshold was presented.(More)
Seventeen women masturbated to orgasm several times in succession while being measured intravaginally by a device that allows continuous oxygen and blood flow readings. Analysis of covariance showed significant differences between fantasy and orgasm and between orgasm and interorgasm relaxation periods. The data do not provide physiological evidence that(More)
A 65 year old male with the entity, scleromyxedema, experienced exacerbation of the disease in which the main clinical features involved the central nervous system. He presented with clouded sensorium, disorganized thinking, combative behavior, headache, unsteady gait and grand mal seizures. A few days after hospital admission the symptoms abated. After a 6(More)
Previous headache studies have been unable to verify the presumed presence of headache. Attempting to correct this design fault, the present study assessed four psychophysiological measures (frontalis EMG, temporal BVP, temporal and finger skin temperature) and salient subjective measures in 13 migraineurs, eight muscle-contraction headache sufferers, and(More)
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