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A standard file format is proposed to store process and event information, primarily output from parton-level event generators for further use by general-purpose ones. The information content is identical with what was already defined by the Les Houches Accord five years ago, but then in terms of Fortran commonblocks. This information is embedded in a(More)
The impact of recent precision measurements of DIS structure functions and inclusive jet production at the Tevatron on the global QCD analysis of parton distribution functions is studied in detail. Particular emphasis is placed on exploring the range of variation of the gluon distribution G(x, Q) allowed by these new data. The strong coupling of G(x, Q)(More)
iii Abstract In early 2010, the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) science collaboration initiated a study to investigate the physics potential of the experiment with a broad set of different beam, near-and far-detector configurations. Nine initial topics were identified as scientific areas that motivate construction of a long-baseline neutrino(More)
Many highly developed Monte Carlo tools for the evaluation of cross sections based on tree matrix elements exist and are used by experimental collaborations in high energy physics. As the evaluation of one-loop matrix elements has recently been undergoing enormous progress, the combination of one-loop matrix elements with existing Monte Carlo tools is on(More)
We present a program to measure the parton densities in the pomeron using diffractive deep inelastic scattering and diffractive photoproduction, and to test the resulting parton densities by applying them to other processes such as the diffractive production of jets in hadron-hadron collisions. Since QCD factorization has been predicted not to apply to hard(More)
Inclusive jet production data are important for constraining the gluon distribution in the global QCD analysis of parton distribution functions. With the addition of recent CDF and D0 Run II jet data, we study a number of issues that play a role in determining the up-to-date gluon distribution and its uncertainty, and produce a new set of parton(More)