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In this work, we report an alternative assay for the determination of the inhibitory effect on monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) activity of probe compounds. Enzyme MAO-B exhibits fluorescence emissions when it is excited at 412 nm. Using an inexpensive blue LED-like excitation source, we measured the quenching of fluorescence intensity of MAO-B enzyme during the(More)
Biopsies of 71 cases of atypical cutaneous leishmaniasis from Costa Rican patients were evaluated by histopathological procedures and attempts were made to culture Leishmania from nine biopsies. Leishmanin skin tests were carried out in 31 patients and 112 healthy individuals. Additional biopsies from 19 patients from Nicaragua were evaluated by routine(More)
1 J.-J. Hung is currently with Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR 2 L. Que is currently at GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY 3 G.M. Rebeiz is currently at the University of California, San Diego ABSTRACT This paper reports a manufacturing process suitable for lithography-compatible fabrication of suspended microstructures from any conductive material (including(More)
In this work we present spectroscopic study of Boldine (aporphine alkaloid) that possesses important biological activities, in particular, in interaction with the promastigotes of Leishmania mexicana. The results show the applicability of autofluorescence of this drug to determinate the possible mechanism of its biological action. The blue shift and(More)
We have evaluated biopsies from patients with atypical nodular and typical ulcerated lesions of cutaneous leishmaniasis, from leishmanin reactions and skin from normal individuals from Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala for the presence of inorganic particles using confocal microscopy with a polarised light source and conventional histopathological(More)
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