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A low-IF polyphase channel filter for a dual-mode Bluetooth/Zigbee transceiver is described. Implemented in a standard 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS process, the filter has a fifth-order 0.5-dB equiripple bandpass response and employs novel transconductor and preamplifier designs. It consumes /spl les/1 mW and achieves image band rejection /spl ges/44 dB, input(More)
A new approach to digital multiplexing for communication systems operating in the Gbit/s range is presented. With a single function, monolithically integrated in the established silicon bipolar process, many operations required by the communication system's multiplex equipment are achieved at data rates of up to 3 Gbits/s. The IC is a four-channel(More)
This paper describes how mono1ithical1y integrated transistor pairs are used as hybrid circuit components to produce Gbit/s performance in digital communications equipment. The transistor technology results in a peak fT of 5GHz and includes gold beam-leads for easy circuit assembly. When used as current mode switches the pairs exhibit propagation delays and(More)
A receiver IC for a 1 + 1 digital transmission system is presented. It includes all the functions necessary for data recovery (high-pass filtering, automatic gain control (AGC), clock extraction, decision circuitry) and for supplying the control code to a separately integrated echo canceller. A total switched-capacitor (SC) approach with digital control is(More)
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