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X-ray in situ studies in electrically and laser-heated diamond anvil cells (DACs) at pressures over 80 GPa and temperatures above 2500 K were used to determine stable silica phase at extreme conditions. We demonstrate that so far unidenti®ed phases obtained on the compression of a-cristobalite, new dense silica polymorph in the Martian Shergotty meteorite,(More)
Speckle filtering of polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POLSAR) is more complicated than a single polarization SAR, because it needs preserve the characteristics of amplitude of each polarization channel and of the relative phase differences among the channels. Fortunately, J.S.Lee et al. have published a scattering-model-based speckle filter (SMBF) in(More)
As one type of the persistent organic pollutants, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are tremendously harmful to organisms. These compounds are easily absorbed onto soil particles and able to accumulate in soil after they are released into the environment. Bioremediation technology of PCBs-contaminated soils has become a research hotspot in recent years, and(More)
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