J. Howard Bryant

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The objective of this paper is to describe an application program that is being developed for use as a data base management system. The program is identified by the acronym, GIS for Generalized Information System. The word “system” appears in its title because the program is designed to perform a set of data base functions that are closely(More)
PURPOSE The authors combine the registration of 2D beam's eye view (BEV) images and 3D planning computed tomography (CT) images, with relative, markerless tumor tracking to provide automatic absolute tracking of physician defined volumes such as the gross tumor volume (GTV). METHODS During treatment of lung SBRT cases, BEV images were continuously(More)
PURPOSE To develop the 2D/3D registration of cine mode electronic portal imaging device (EPID) images acquired during radiotherapy treatment to the planning computed tomography (CT) images and combine it with relative, markerless EPID tumor tracking. Together the methods will provide an automatic absolute tracking between physician defined volumes such as(More)
PURPOSE In this work the authors develop and investigate the feasibility of a method to estimate time-varying volumetric images from individual MV cine electronic portal image device (EPID) images. METHODS The authors adopt a two-step approach to time-varying volumetric image estimation from a single cine EPID image. In the first step, a patient-specific(More)
PURPOSE While real time imaging of treatment through an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) is a powerful tool to monitor treatment, limited field of view and lower contrast from an MV beam can make assessment difficult for physicians. This work will develops a method to register and project contour outlines for the internal target volume (ITV) and(More)