J. Hogg

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BACKGROUND Domestic and sexual violence are significant public health problems but little is known about the extent to which men and women with severe mental illness (SMI) are at risk compared with the general population. We aimed to compare the prevalence and impact of violence against SMI patients and the general population. METHOD Three hundred and(More)
The past 15 years have seen a marked increase in the use of Snoezelen with a wide range of groups including people with intellectual disabilities. Research has been undertaken with respect to a variety of behaviors, notably changes in affect, challenging behavior, relaxation and interactions with both other persons and objects. Typically studies have(More)
Twenty-four service providers rated 12 video samples of four service users with whom they were familiar for affective behaviour (i.e. 'like'/'dislike') and confidence (i.e. 'certain'/'uncertain') in their judgement. Each video sample had been recorded as part of a stimulus preference assessment during which a wide range of specific stimuli were presented to(More)
Continuous observational recording was used to measure behavior state of 3 adults with profound and multiple disabilities. Observations were made over 56.7 hours, including 21.9 hours with two observers recording independently. Overall percentage agreement was satisfactory (i.e., exceeded 80%). Agreement on occurrence was, however, generally unsatisfactory(More)
The use of discrimination learning paradigms in the study of attentional transfer is discussed. The technique of go/no-go discrimination learning followed by stimulus generalization testing is contrasted with the more familiar simultaneous learning paradigm followed by a shift in the relevant cues. In the former paradigm the effect of training a(More)
Architects and non-architects made Semantic Differential ratings of colour samples (chips) and a simulated interior space (a model). In analyses of the total samples' ratings (architects and non-architects) of (a) colour chips and (b) models, and individual sample analyses, (c) architects' chip judgements, (d) architects' model judgements, (e)(More)
BACKGROUND Research into rare diseases is becoming more common, with recognition of the significant diagnostic and therapeutic care gaps. Registries are considered a key research methodology to address rare diseases. This report describes the structure of the Rare UK Diseases Study (RUDY) platform that aims to improve research processes and address many of(More)
Guess, Roberts, Behrens, and Rues (1998) presented reliability data from recordings of behavior state using a 13-category coding system. Interobserver agreement was reported at 63% to 91% across categories. In an attempt at replication, we found lower levels of reliability (0% to 80%). To determine the reasons for different results, we obtained measurements(More)