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Bronchioloalveolar lung carcinoma (BAC) is a unique type of lung cancer with distinguishing pathologic, biologic, epidemiologic, and perhaps etiologic features that set it apart from all other forms of lung cancer, including general adenocarcinoma, into which it is traditionally grouped. Recent studies at our institution have demonstrated a near exponential(More)
UNLABELLED • PREMISE OF THE STUDY Chloroplast development and structure are highly conserved in vascular plants, but the bizonoplast of Selaginella is a notable exception. In the shade plant S. erythropus, each dorsal epidermal cell contains one bizonoplast, while other cells have normal chloroplasts. Our quest was to (1) determine the origin of(More)
Monilinia fructicola is a devastating pathogen on stone fruits, causing blossom blight and fruit rot. Little is known about pathogenic mechanisms in M. fructicola and related Monilinia species. In this study, five endopolygalacturonase (endo-PG) genes were cloned and functionally characterized in M. fructicola. Quantitative reverse-transcriptase PCR(More)
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