J. Hizanidis

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— We study the effect of a time-delayed feedback within a generic model for a saddle-node bifurcation on a limit cycle. Without delay the only attractor below this global bifurcation is a stable node. Delay renders the phase space infinite-dimensional and creates multistability of periodic orbits and the fixed point. Homoclinic bifurcations, period-doubling(More)
We consider noise-induced charge density dynamics in a semiconductor superlattice. The parameters are fixed in the regime below the Hopf bifurcation that gives birth to spatio-temporal oscillations, where in the absence of noise the system rests in a fixed point. It is shown that in this case noise can induce in the superlattice quite coherent oscillations(More)
We study the dynamics of identical leaky integrate-and-fire neurons with symmetric non-local coupling. Upon varying control parameters (coupling strength, coupling range, refractory period) we investigate the system's behaviour and highlight the formation of chimera states. We show that the introduction of a refractory period enlarges the parameter region(More)
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