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Potato plants carrying the Ry(sto) gene from Solanum stoloniferum are extremely resistant to a number of potyviruses, but it is not known at what stage of infection the resistance is expressed. The resistance may be due to Ry(sto) or to a closely linked gene. In this investigation, we used potato virus Y (PVY) and a tobacco etch virus construct that encodes(More)
DNA-based immunization is a promising new technique for generating antibodies in laboratory animals for diagnostic purposes in biological science. The main advantages are the elimination of time and labor and the technically demanding steps of antigen purification. The DNA sequence of the protein of interest, cloned in a suitable in vivo expression vector(More)
Since their discovery, detergent-insoluble glycosphingolipid-enriched membrane domains have accounted for several cellular functions. Besides their role in protein and lipid transport in polarized cells, most of the attention focuses on their organizing role in signal transduction. Given that virtually all multidrug-resistant cells exhibit a deviating(More)
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