J Hesselfeldt-Nielsen

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The classic syndrome of Fournier's gangrene was observed in 5 men with involvement of the external genitals and lower abdominal wall. Mixed flora of anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms were grown, and extensive necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous gas were present in all patients. Soon after hospitalization all 5 patients were treated by excision of all(More)
After primary treatment for Fournier's gangrene, patients are left with skin defects in the genital region. In extensive lesions the whole scrotum may be lost. In these cases various methods for scrotal reconstruction have been recommended. In 3 patients we succeeded in reconstructing the scrotum and covering the penis using split-thickness skin grafts(More)
During the period 1967-1987, 26 ear reconstructions were carried out in the Department of Plastic Surgery, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. These 26 patients were followed up, partly from the hospital records and partly by means of a questionnaire. Twenty-two patients replied to the questionnaire. The average age was 8.8 years at the commencement of the(More)
With a radioimmunoassay using hPTH 1-34 for antibody production, for radioiodination and as a standard, hPTH 1-34 was detectable (detection limit 40 pg/ml) preoperatively in peripheral blood in 14 of 29 patients with hyperparathyroidism, but in no controls. In all patients with parathyroid adenoma and detectable hPTH 1-34 preoperatively, the values fell(More)
In a series of 37 free composite tissue transplantations performed to the lower extremity in 34 patients, skin islands were included in 35 cases, as a cutaneous island flap (3), as a musculocutaneous island flap (19), and as an osteocutaneous island flap (13). In a follow-up study which included 26 patients with 29 flaps 6-48 months postoperatively an(More)
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