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A stochastic theory of fluvial landsurfaces is developed for transport-limited erosion, using well-established models for the water and sediment fluxes. The mathematical models and analysis is developed showing that some aspects of landsurface evolution can be described by Markovian stochastic processes. The landsurfaces are described by non-deterministic(More)
BACKGROUND Exacerbated postparturient insulin resistance (IR) has been associated with several pathologic conditions in dairy cattle. Oxidative stress (OS) plays a causative role in IR in humans, and an association, but not direct relationship, between OS and IR recently has been reported in transition dairy cattle. HYPOTHESIS Supplementation with(More)
Haemonchus contortus appears to be the most economically important helminth parasite for small ruminant production in many regions of the world. The two sheep breeds native to the Canary Islands display distinctly different resistant phenotypes under both natural and experimental infections. Canaria Hair Breed (CHB) tends to have significantly lower worm(More)
— Each year millions of people in the world survive a stroke. Movement impairments after stroke are typically treated with intensive, hands-on physical and occupational therapy for several weeks after the initial injury. However, due to economic pressures, stroke patients are receiving less therapy and going home sooner, so the potential benefit of the(More)
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