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Dihydropyridine (DHP) calcium channel blockers are widely used in treatment of coronary artery disease. To evaluate the specific role of L-type calcium channels in the antianginal and possibly antiatherosclerotic properties of DHP inhibitors, we examined the effects of a 1,4-DHP agonist and antagonist on angiotensin II (ANG II)- and serum-stimulated calcium(More)
Atherectomy specimens may be regarded as biopsy tissue excised from human vascular target lesions. Proceeding from contrary histologic findings that attribute focal hypercellularity to restenosis, and hypocellularity to chronic lesions, further analysis of atherectomy specimens was performed to study ultrastructural characteristics and functional aspects(More)
AIM Proliferative, migratory, and secretory activities of vascular smooth muscle cells are functional determinants of human atherosclerotic plaque and restenosis formation. The present study was designed to examine the effects of interfering with these processes using drugs. MATERIALS AND METHODS For in-vitro studies of smooth muscle cell activity,(More)
Besides proliferation, migration of smooth muscle cells (SMC) is considered to be an essential cellular mechanism involved in plaque formation. Human SMCs were cultured from 14 arteriosclerotic lesions of coronary (n = 5), femoral (n = 7) and aortic (n = 2) arteries. By a semi-automatic standardized video analysis system SMC migratory activity was(More)
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