J. Heidenreich

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The broad ecological distribution of L. casei makes it an insightful subject for research on genome evolution and lifestyle adaptation. To explore evolutionary mechanisms that determine genomic diversity of L. casei, we performed comparative analysis of 17 L. casei genomes representing strains collected from dairy, plant, and human sources. Differences in(More)
Experimental evidence is presented which demonstrates a chemically produced, mass-independent isotopic fractionation of oxygen. The effect is thought to result from self-shielding by the major isotopic species (16)O(2), but other possible mechanisms such as molecular symmetry cannot be ruled out. In a three-isotope plot, the experimentally produced(More)
A “reference cell” for generating radio-frequency (rf) glow discharges in gases at a frequency of 13.56 MHz is described. The reference cell provides an experimental platform for comparing plasma measurements carried out in a common reactor geometry by different experimental groups, thereby enhancing the transfer of knowledge and insight gained in rf(More)
UNLABELLED Currently, the bacterial composition of raw milk in tanker trucks and the outcomes of transfer and storage of that milk at commercial processing facilities are not well understood. We set out to identify the bacteria in raw milk collected for large-scale dairy product manufacturing. Raw bovine milk samples from 899 tanker trucks arriving at two(More)
Phase-contrast MRI (PC MRI) is a powerful technique for imaging the flow velocities in-vivo. In PC MRI, the velocity encoding parameter, Venc, plays a central role in fidelity of velocities acquired with this technique. Typically Venc is chosen to be the highest velocity in the flow. However, when acquiring velocity images at a number of slice locations, it(More)
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