J. He

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The non-deterministic nature of photon sources is a key limitation for single-photon quantum processors. Spatial multiplexing overcomes this by enhancing the heralded single-photon yield without enhancing the output noise. Here the intrinsic statistical limit of an individual source is surpassed by spatially multiplexing two monolithic silicon-based(More)
Topological superconductors, which support Majorana fermion excitations, have been the subject of intense studies due to their novel transport properties and their potential applications in fault-tolerant quantum computations. Here we propose a new type of topological superconductors that can be used as a novel source of correlated spin currents. We show(More)
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) has become an attractive technique for media access control in Personal Communication Networks (PCN). In this paper, two MAC protocols, namely Preamble Signaling Access (PSA) and Minislot Signaling Access (MSA) are defined and evaluated for voice/data integration at the base station. It assumes that there are two types(More)
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