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A combination of mutasynthesis, precursor-directed biosynthesis and semisynthesis provides access to new ansamitocin derivatives including new nanostructured particle-drug conjugates. These conjugates are based on the toxin ansamitocin and superparamagnetic iron oxide-silica core shell particles. New ansamitocin derivatives that are functionalized either(More)
Biomolecular crystals consist of large unit cells that form a rather flexible medium that is able to accommodate a certain degree of lattice distortion, leading to several interesting issues ranging from structural to physical properties. Several techniques, from X-ray diffraction to microscopy, have been adapted to study the structural and physical(More)
We report the palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation (AAA) reaction of a variety of nitrogen-containing aromatic heterocycles, including pyrazine, pyrimidine, pyridazine, quinoxaline, and benzoimidazole derivatives. The mesityl ester, whose steric bulk prevents competitive deacylation of the electrophile from "hard" nucleophiles, is introduced as(More)
Inductively heated steel reactors continuously perform organic transformations in water under high temperature conditions, utilizing the unique physiochemical properties of water at subcritical conditions. We demonstrated the power of this set-up in the continuous synthesis of the atypical antipsychotic drug iloperidone, in which we performed four out of(More)
The multistep flow synthesis of vinyl azides and their application in the synthesis of vinyltriazoles is reported. The synthesis relies on a stable polymer-bound equivalent of iodine azide that serves to carry out 1,2-functionalization of alkenes in a telescope flow protocol. The intermediate 2-iodo azides are subjected to a DBU-mediated polymer-supported(More)
Continuous flow chemistry as a process intensification tool is well known. However, its ability to enable chemists to perform reactions which are not possible in batch is less well studied or understood. Here we present an example, where a new reactivity pattern and extended reaction scope has been achieved by transferring a reaction from batch mode to(More)
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