J. Hartley

R. Souhami1
J. Beith1
J. Darling1
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Hartley, Trueman and Meadows [3] contribute useful evidence on whether scientists can gain prestige by writing in a manner that is difficult to read. This has been called the bafflegab theory by some. They concluded that the evidence was not strong. This comment examines some of the conclusions from Hartley, Trueman, and Meadows (HTM) and recommends(More)
Fifteen human glioma cell lines were examined for their sensitivity to 1,3-bis(chloroethyl)-nitrosourea (BCNU, carmustine) and cis-dichlorodiamminoplatinum (cisplatin), the induction of DNA interstrand cross-linking (DNA-ISC) induced by the two agents and cellular O6-alkylguanine alkyltransferase (ATase) activity. Cell lines differed in their sensitivities(More)
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