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An ELISA was developed for the determination of antibodies to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in whole blood and blood serum of rabbits. Naturally acquired antibodies were detected in 19.4% of blood samples collected from 1461 rabbits in 43 farms apparently free of the disease, 19.7% samples were doubtful and 60.9% of the rabbits were free of(More)
Immunochromatographic assays have become popular diagnostic tools in a variety of settings because they are sensitive, fast, and easy to use. Here, we describe the use of a novel reporter, upconverting phosphors (UCP), in this assay format. UCP are submicron-sized, inorganic crystals that are excited with infrared light and that emit photons in the visible(More)
In the chickens with an experimental load of cadmium chloride (CdCl2 x 2.5 H2O) at a rate of 0.3 mg per bird and day the effect was investigated of various forms of sodium humate administration in free and/or liposomal form as exerted on cadmium concentrations in liver, kidneys and muscle. The values of the field below the curve (AUC) showing average(More)
Methyl formate was used as the solvent of biodegradable oligoesters for the fabrication of microspheres with encapsulated bovine serum albumin (BSA). The procedure of dispersion of the double emulsion of the w/o/w type and its dilution and solvent extraction is very rapid, taking only several minutes. A higher yield and better encapsulation efficiency were(More)
  • J Hampl
  • Casopís lékar̆ů c̆eských
  • 1993
The objective of the work is isolation of toxic peptides from Amanita phalloides--amatoxins (alfa-, beta-, gamma-amanitin) and phallotoxins (phalloidin, phallacidin, phallisin, phallisacin) by liquid chromatography on Sephadex LH-20 according to Yocum modification. Seven main toxins were isolated in centigram amounts. The purity of the toxins isolated was(More)
Stimulatory effects of aluminium hydroxide, lipopolysaccharide (LPS), muramyldipeptide (MDP), and empty liposomes on the antigenicity of inactivated bovine herpesvirus 1 were tested in mice. Compared with the standard effect of aluminium hydroxide, stronger antibody responses were observed in mice treated with empty liposomes or LPS alone, or a combination(More)