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Image binarization is still a relevant research area due to its wide range of applications in the field of document analysis and recognition. Accuracy of binarization methods affected by many factors such as shadows non-uniform illumination, low contrast, large signal-dependent noise etc. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of major binarization(More)
Thresholding is a simple but effective technique for image segmentation. In this paper, a novel method is presented to address the problem of image segmentation for uneven lighting images that is based on dynamic size of window. In pyramid approach (window merging), segmentation accuracy depends on the initial size selection. The proposed method is based on(More)
This paper introduces the Blackghost 1.0, which is a test chip that paved the way for Qualcomm's newest Blackghost ultra-low-power mixed-signal SoC product family. Specifically targeted at battery-powered Internet-of-Things, wearables and e-medical applications, Blackghost delivers unparalleled power efficiency through low-power innovations from software,(More)
Many algorithms have been proposed for the document image binarization from past decades and still working on degraded document image is under process to generate more capable, noiseless and clear document image. Document image enhancement is very fashionable to improve old handwritten and machine printed documents. The proposed system enclose a new(More)
In this paper a fully digital 4FSK demodulator for double-conversion superheterodyne pager receivers based on ERMES standard is proposed. The demodulator includes three major parts: frequency discriminator, symbol detector and clock recovery modules. The key point in this design is its implementation through a simple hardware by avoiding complex algorithms(More)
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