J. H. Zhang

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Heat stress severely reduces rice yield and quality; however, differences between the superior, early-flowering and inferior, later-flowering spikelets of indica rice in response to high-temperature stress during grain filling remain unclear. This study investigated the effects of high temperature (HT, 33.6/20.7 °C day/night) on growth, endosperm structure,(More)
[1] Magnetic reconnection in the magnetotail or other forms of current sheet disruption are believed to produce plasma bubbles, which consist of flux tubes that have lower entropy content PV than their surroundings. We present an initial Rice-Convection-Model-based simulation of the injection of a bubble into the inner magnetosphere and explore the(More)
9 [1] We present results from a Rice Convection Model simulation of the early expansion 10 phase of a substorm that occurred 22 July 1998. The theoretical basis of the simulation 11 is the idea that the plasma injected into the inner magnetosphere during a substorm 12 primarily consists of a low-content plasma bubble, which is made up of flux tubes with 13(More)
8 [1] The objective of this work is a realistic Rice Convection Model (RCM) simulation of 9 a modest substorm that occurred on 22 July 1998 and was observed by the Geotail 10 spacecraft in the inner plasma sheet. It represents the first time the RCM has been used for 11 detailed modeling of an inner magnetospheric event using data from a spacecraft in the(More)
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