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A base station antenna for WCDMA band (1.920–2.170 GHz) application utilizing an electromagnetic gradient surface (EGS) is proposed. The EGS is applied as a reflector of 4 × 2 dipole array to tilt the beam with electrically without phase shifters on low-profile structure. Therefore the beam can be tilted with lower complexity, smaller size,(More)
An experimental investigation of the local film cooling effectiveness and heat transfer coefficient downstream of a row of elongated holes in a simulated axial turbine blade tip is presented. Film cooling is needed to protect the turbine blade tip region from high heat transfer rates, especially when cooling by convection is insufficient to keep the(More)
1. General Introduction Conductive polymer composite materials deserve interest in several application fields [1]. A composite consisting of conductive fillers and an insulating polymer becomes electrically conductive as the filler content exceeds a certain critical value, which is generally attributed to percolation phenomenon. These percolation threshold(More)
  • S . Kehr, K . Riehemann, +11 authors S. Chung
  • Advanced healthcare materials
  • 2016
N. B. Larsen and co-workers present a scalable and flexible method for multiplexed definition of combination drug dosing on page 244. Free or liposome-encapsulated active compounds are embedded in PEG-diacrylate hydrogels. Hydrogel material optimization allows dosing of two firstline chemotherapeutic combination regimens for colorectal cancer, as(More)
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