J. H. T. Burke

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Formal guidelines for mentoring faculty members in pharmacy practice divisions of colleges and schools of pharmacy do not exist in the literature. This paper addresses the background literature on mentoring programs, explores the current state of mentoring programs used in pharmacy practice departments, and provides guidelines for colleges and schools(More)
Hitherto no method, to our knowledge, was known to incorporate spatial phase shifting for the measurement of pure in-plane displacements. We demonstrate that the modified Duffy two-aperture configuration [Opt. Lett. 22, 1958 (1996)], which is sensitive to only the in-plane displacement component and offers increased sensitivity, lends itself to measurement(More)
The advantages of spatial phase shifting (SPS) compared with temporal phase shifting in the field of electronic speckle pattern interferometry are described. Some periodic phase reconstruction errors occurring in SPS are discussed. It is shown that these errors become minimal for a spatial phase-shift angle of 2pi/3. Furthermore, a modified phase(More)
Atoms from a (87)Rb condensate are suspended against gravity using repeated reflections from a pulsed optical standing wave. Up to 100 reflections are observed, yielding suspension times of over 100 ms. The local gravitational acceleration can be determined from the pulse rate required to achieve suspension. Further, a gravitationally sensitive atom(More)
An electronic speckle interferometer, arranged for out-of-plane sensitivity and with an off-axis reference beam to produce spatial phase bias, is used for three-dimensional deformation field measurements. The complex amplitude of the object wave is calculated by application of a Fourier-transform method to a single interferogram. The change in phase after(More)
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were grown on diamond-coated Si substrates and free-standing diamond wafers to develop efficient thermal interface materials for thermal management applications. High quality, translucent, free-standing diamond substrates were processed in a 5 kW microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system using CH4 as precursor. Ni and(More)
Temporal and spatial phase shifting in electronic speckle-pattern interferometry are compared quantitatively with respect to the quality of the resultant deformation phase maps. On the basis of an analysis of the noise in sawtooth fringes a figure of merit is defined and measured for various in-plane and out-of-plane sensitive electronic speckle-pattern(More)
Nanoparticles of BaSnO3 were incorporated into YBa2Cu3O7−x (YBCO) films on LaAlO3 substrates for magnetic flux pinning enhancements. More than an order of magnitude improvement in the high field magnetization Jc at 6 T at 77 K was observed as compared to regular YBCO films. The irreversibility field (Hirr) was increased to 8.5 T at 77 K and to 13.4 T at 65(More)