J H Swain

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of gravity-facilitated traction (inversion) on intervertebral dimensions of the lumbar spine. Fifteen normal male subjects were fully inverted for a period of 10 minutes. Vertebral separation was measured on lateral roentgenograms both pre- and postinversion by outlining the margins of the(More)
Energy-dependent patterns in the arrival directions of cosmic rays are searched for using data of the Pierre Auger Observatory. We investigate local regions around the highest-energy cosmic rays with E ≥ 6×10 19 eV by analyzing cosmic rays with energies above E ≥ 5×10 18 eV arriving within an angular separation of approximately 15 •. We characterize the(More)
Biophoton intensities depend upon the squared modulus of the electric field. Hence, we first make some general estimates about the inherent electric fields within various biosystems. Generally, these intensities do not follow a simple exponential decay law. After a brief discussion on the inapplicability of a linear rate equation that leads to strict(More)
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